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Wish I Knew...
Before Loving You...

This book has been written for young to middle-aged men and women interested in initiating and maintaining healthy male-female relationships and to help them answer some important questions.

  • Who is the right person for me?

  • What criteria should I use in selecting a mate?

  • How do I get through the drama and trauma that relationships can bring to the table?

“Indeed, there are many things I wish I’d known about you before falling in love with you.” Some of the things may have caused me to make other choices or at least slowed the pace. If I still chose to stay after discovering some of the things buried deep inside of you, it would have helped me to better understand you, why you feel the way you do, why you act the way you do. It would have given me some clues on how to help you, or where to send you for help. It would also have helped me to allow you the time and space to heal.

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