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Relationship, MD adds the missing piece to the relationship puzzle, a source of scientific information. Information that goes beyond friendly advice from family and friends. Dr. Pelt at Relationship, MD is trained in Analytical Psychiatry and is skilled at evaluating the relationship dynamics, the hidden forces that determines its success or failure.

It works by first becoming informed about the basic nature of human interactions, especially male-female intimate relationships. Secondly, discovering the differences in a typical male-wired brain vs. a typical female-wired brain, and how these two interact together. Lastly, gaining insight and becoming aware of how the experiences and influences from your childhood can and will resurface later in your adulthood to affect your long-term intimate relationships, in a positive or negative way.

Order your copy of Dr. Pelt’s Book: Wish I Knew Before Loving You: the relationship manual, and let the revelations began. This is the first in an expected series of books on the topic of intimate heathy relationships. Next “Contact Us” to schedule a one-on-one face-to-face consultation or to book an engagement for your organization, university, church or civic organization.

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